Securing And Growing Our Heavenly Account

Securing And Growing Our Heavenly Account by Alisa Videos.

Let's start by defining the word: "Account". An account in the contexts we are using it now can mean a financial record or a statement showing how money was spent or received or it can also apply to the report of an experience or act.
It is every believer's desire to own a heavenly account, and such account is not one that we can keep record of by ourselves. As we go into this deeper, a lot will be learnt.
Heavenly accounts record our acts and lives here on Earth and Heaven holds this record, as this is not an Earthly affair.
What goes into that account is something we all must work out together.

Memory Verse: I Peter 1:4
"To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you".

Anchor Text: I Peter 1:1-8, Ephesians 1:6-11

According to the Memory Verse (I Peter 1:4) above, good living keeps a good record in Heaven. Christians are the most blessed and highly favoured of all religious people on Earth. For us, eternity in Heaven is no joke or fairy tale. It is a reality that is bigger than life itself. The day we made up our mind to receive Christ into our lives as our Lord and personal saviour, we were all born into this lively hope. Our names were written in the Lamb's book of life as written in the Scripture (Revelations 20:12). Immediately our names enter this glorious book, an account is open individually for each of us in the Bank of Heaven. Just as every earthly country has its central bank which controls the activities of other banks, this Heavenly bank is the most sophisticated, most equipped and flawlessly run bank in the universe.

The bank of Heaven is the safest of all banks. Inspite of developments in security systems and equipment, several banks still lose a lot of money and valuables yearly to robbers and cyber thief's. This is because as the bank increases sophistication in security systems, the bank robbers simultaneously increase their sophistication in battling and defeating the systems. Any system designed by man is not fool-proof. The Bank of Heaven has never recorded a single account of burglary or theft and never will. The simple reason is that those who would want to do so cannot enter the Heavenly planet. Hence Jesus Christ, the President of the bank advises us to store our monies and valuables there as written in Matthew 6:19-21.

Even when our earthly valuables are not stolen by thieves, Satan can still destroy them through a loss in an investment, fire, flood, earthquakes and other natural and unnatural disasters as recorded in John 10:10. They can get rusted or attacked by moth and termites. No valuable is truly safe on earth. Doing business with the Bank of Heaven brings the greatest yield ever thought possible. Unfortunately, most earthly men and women have no account there. Even most of the world's leading investors, bankers and captains of industry do not have an account there. Even most of the world's leading investors, bankers and captains of industries do not have an account where it matters the most.
The poor man who has the worth of 100 Heavenly Currency in the Bank of Heaven is richer than the Bank president who has 1 million USD On Earth. An investor is not a wise investor until he has secured an account in this Bank of Heaven.
Questions to answer: "Is my name in that Book of the Lamb?", "Do I have a Heavenly account?".

Like Earthly accounts, credits can be lodged into Heavenly accounts, credits can also be withdrawn. What we have in our accounts goes a long way to tell about us.
Question to answer: "How can I grow my Heavenly account?".
As written in the Bible (I Peter 1:3-4), we have an inheritance that is kept for us in our individual accounts. This Heavenly account is like a fixed deposit account for every believer, every credit deposited into this account must be earned.

As learnt in Luke 12:16-21; The parable of the rich fool, we cannot appear rich before God. The wealth that actually matters is the one stored in our Heavenly account because it is enduring and safe.
There are things that must be done to grow our heavenly accounts and such things work as investments as we would do to grow our Earthly accounts.
One way to invest in our Heavenly account is Soul Winning. As written in Proverbs 11:30, soul winners are wise people. They are wise investors. The more we win, the more reward we gather. Also in Daniel 12:2-3, it tells us that soul winners will excel than other group of believer's.
We have to continue winning souls to to earn greater rewards. It is only the souls that we win that goes to Heaven that will bring tremendous rewards, so we need to work harder after winning souls to avoid them going back to the world. Jesus commands that we ensure that we follow up our converts as recorded in John 15:16.

Prayer Points:
1. God, help me discover my Heavenly inheritance.
2. God, teach me to become wise today.
3. God, give me the strength to be able to follow-up my converts.
4. God, please heal the world of the ravaging pandemic (COVID-19).

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God bless you!

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