Averting Defilement And Acquiring Breakthrough

Averting Defilement And Acquiring Breakthrough by Alisa Videos.

"Defilement" can be synonymous to "Spoiling, Polluting, Desecrating, Corrupting". So in this context, it can be the act of someone desecrating, corrupting and even defiling himself.
As we move deeper, we would know more about ways we can get defiled and how to avert or fend off this defilement.
"Breakthrough" can simply be put as a spontaneous accomplishment in a certain area or field. Breakthrough comes suddenly or instantly. Most times it is not expected even though work was put in to yield that success.

Anchor Text: Romans 12:1-2, Matthew 13:44-46

Memory Verse: Daniel 1:8
"But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself".

A child of God can be defiled through several means or ways which are prompted by the desires of the flesh. Defilement can come through the words that come out of our mouths. Our utterances can lead to defilement. Take for instance, any girl that wants to be defiled or makes herself free for defilement, will definitely be known through the words of her mouth. As the Bible (Matthew 15:18) says, the mouth only speaks about things that encompasses the heart. Like they say, Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. The tongue betrays the heart. We all need to be careful with things that we say in order to avert this defilement we are talking about.
For the Bible (I Corinthians 3:17) tells us that our body is the temple of God. If we defile our body, we call for God's judgement. If any of us are currently under any pressure to defile our body or go into any immoral act, that is simply destruction calling and as such, we should flee and turn away in order to avert desecration.

Defilement can also come through the desecration of God's temple. For the Scripture (Ezekiel 15:11) tells us that those who defile God's temple shall diminish. Punishment and judgement for such defilement takes almost instantly to happen or occur. Any Pastor or spiritual leader that defiles the sanctuary or God's temple will immediately lose his anointing and more punishment will befall such a person.
If for any of the above reasons you know you have failed to avert this defilement, you can still do something to regain your purity. It is never too late to retrace your footsteps and return to the right path. If you are a spiritual leader, for now stop acting as one. So as not to incur more wrath of God on yourself.

As we read in the Memory Verse above, Daniel made it up in his heart that he was not going to defile himself with the king's meat, nor with the wine. Averting defilement requires us being principled and upright in our thinking. It entails upholding high moral standards. Back to the earlier instance given about a girl, if she makes up her mind not be defiled, she has taken up some determination to stay away from desecrating her body. It is a choice to sin or not. The clean and pure is one who is highly disciplined.
We can go into covenants of consecration involving different parts of our body. Job covenanted that his eyes will never lust after a woman as read in the Scripture (Job 31:1).
As children of God we all must learn to go into a covenant with our body parts, Our eyes must know no lust, our hands must not be quick to touch money from iniquity. For it is recorded in the Bible (Romans 12:1-2) that no member of our body must work for Satan.
Let's all work towards averting and turning away from desecration and defilement today!

As we know, Prayer is the key to almost everything. Unlocking breakthrough requires the use of this key. As written in the Bible (James 5:16b): "...the effectual fervant prayer of a righteous man availeth much".
We need breakthrough to fulfil our destiny here on Earth. Without this breakthrough we may remain simple or average. It takes an uncommon breakthrough for us to stand out from the crowd of simple and average people and make the envy of our colleagues. A single uncommon breakthrough can rewrite a man's history and change our destiny. We ask that God's uncommon breakthrough locates us in Jesus name - Amen!
Breakthrough does not come or happen by mistake. We must work for it and pray towards it . We must learn to pray at length to be able to acquire this breakthrough. Breakthrough can come to a man that prays but uncommon breakthrough is for those that seek it aggressively. In the Bible (Matthew 7:7), Jesus told us to ask, seek, and knock and all we be given as asked. For us to acquire this Breakthrough we must learn to ask, seek and knock. For someone to ask for something, it means that he or she is in a state of need of want. As translated, the Greek word: "aiteo" means to ask and keep asking until the answers are acquired. It encourages frequent and unending asking.
Remember, Elijah kept on asking God in prayers, until the rains came. In the Scripture (I Kings 18:41-46), it tells us how Elijah asked seven times for rain to come. As we must have heard, seven is the number of perfection and completeness, which means that Elijah satisfied God's required number of asking before the rains came.

We all must have to continue praying for such uncommon breakthrough to hit our doorsteps, I encourage us all not to relent or give up. Continue to pray and sooner than later our rain will come.
Stay away from defilement and pray relentlessly (Revelation 8:3-5).

Prayer Point:
1. Lord I ask that you help me turn away from sin.
2. Father, please enable me to pray relentlessly.
3. God please heal the world of the ravaging pandemic (COVID-19).

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God bless you!
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