The Wise And The Foolish

The Wise And The Foolish by Alisa Videos.


Wisdom is something most Christians long for, and truth be told, it's a great virtue. We can proudly talk about King Solomon today as he is one of the wisest people the world has ever known till date.
His wisdom came from Heaven as it was recorded in the Scripture (I Kings 3).
But for the case of this sermon, we won't be looking at Solomon's life of Wisdom.

The word: "Wise" means a show or exhibition of smart or bright judgement, knowledge and experience. A wise person will always exhibit good judgement in decision making and daily living.
On the other hand, the word: "Foolish" simply can be put as the opposite of Wise.
A foolish person will always show off bad judgement and decision making.
With all that said and noted, let's get into the topic properly.

Memory Verse: Matthew 25:3-4
"They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them: But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps".

Anchor Text: Genesis 41:39-44, Job 5:2-4

According to the Memory Verse (Matthew 25:3-4) above, the foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them: But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.
There are two categories or groups of Christians on Earth. They are the Wise and the Foolish. But we all wish to be in the category of the wise ones. God will help us all in Jesus name - Amen!
Like we defined earlier on, Wisdom is just the correct application of knowledge. For example, if you are driving on an unfamiliar road, and you see a sign saying there is a narrow bridge ahead, you have gained a vital information or knowledge. What you choose to do with that information is what will determine whether you are wise. The wise will immediately slow down. But the foolish will continue to accelerate and ignore the sign.

According to the Bible (James 1:22) we must be doers of the word. Profit comes from putting the knowledge of God's word into practice. Loss comes from neglecting it. Take for instance, the law of harvest and how it applies to giving. If we give one to God. He will return a hundred to us. Many of us (Believers) know this but we refuse to follow it. Thanks to God that He has been meeting the needs of many Christians since they began to apply this knowledge. Just as we have heard that "Giving is Receiving", it is left for us to apply this knowledge. Be Wise!


Wisdom serves so many uses to the one who has it. It enables us reach our goals as in the case of Joshua recorded in Deuteronomy 34:9.
Like we talked about earlier, we need wisdom to succeed in any assignment like Solomon (II Chronicles 1:10).
It can assist us to get to the throne like Joseph as recorded in our Anchor Text (Genesis 41:39-41) above.

Wisdom can defend us and give us life (Ecclesiastes 7:12). The scripture in Ecclesiastes 9:18 tells us that wisdom is better than weapons of war. The question here is: "HOW?"
The answer to that is simple, take for instance, when there is war, it will take time, resources and lives. A wise person will leave the battle for God who fights all battles with casualties. A wise person sits at home and send praises to Heaven, God will immediately rise and fight those battles for him or her, defeating all enemies. This is the level we all should be operating at. We need such Wisdom.
According to Proverbs 4:7, we must acquire wisdom among all other assets and virtues. Wisdom is better than physical strength (Ecclesiastes 9:16). We can be among the wise ones today.


The Bible in Ecclesiastes 1:17  says: "Be not over much wicked, neither be thou foolish: why shouldest thou die before thy time?".
Recall that among the ten virgins were five foolish ones. None of us wants to be in the foolish category. The foolish are those who receive vital information that could prevent a loss or bring about breakthrough but refuse to do something about it. Knowledge is a waste on fools.
The role of foolishness in the life of a fool is to hinder such a person from getting to his goal. Fools cannot live up to their appointed time according to the above message.
The second Anchor Text says tells us that it is a fool who will allow anger to kill him. It is also a fool who will die because of envy. Even when a fool begins very well, he will end up a disaster. We ask that God takes away foolishness from us in Jesus name - Amen !

A question that comes to mind: "How Can I Recognize A Fool?"
The answer is simple, according to the Scripture (Psalm 14:1), a fool is one who says there is no God. Having sinned over and over again without being caught, the fool begins to think that if God really existed, he would have been caught. It is only a fool that would expect to get away with sin.
Also, Jeremiah 5:4  says a fool is the one who is ignorant of God's ways and judgement. It is sheer foolishness to deliberately cut off from hearing the sound word of God, just because you want to avoid conviction. This is the reason why some Christians have moved from Bible believing churches, to spiritually dead assemblies where everything goes.

As recorded in Matthew 7:26, Jesus calls those who hear God's word without doing them fools. Fools are lazy and carefree people. Proverbs 9:13 says a talkative person is a fool. Through too much talking he will tell all his secret to the enemies; hence making it easy for him to be killed.
According to Proverbs 12:15, a fool is the one who thinks he is always right. Whenever something goes wrong, a fool will check and question others but himself. Simply because he thinks he is always right and he knows it all, a fool hates correction. Anyone who thinks he is above correction is a fool and is headed for destruction.

In conclusion, let us all work to be wise today. If you notice any of the above vices in yourself, ask God and work towards switching categories. God is always happy and available to have you in the group of the wise.

Prayer Points:
1. God please give me wisdom to succeed in all my endeavors.
2. God please include me in the category of the wise ones.
3. God please uproot every attribute of foolishness from my life.
4. God please heal the world of the ravaging pandemic (COVID-19).

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God bless you!
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