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Putting GOD First by Alisa Videos.

God made all things in His glory. And as the bible has recorded in the Old testament (Genesis 1:26), it tells us how God created man in His own image and likeness and a confirmation in (Genesis 5:1), all these goes to show that He expects us to be like Him and give Him all the glory He deserves.
God gave us (Man) a clear rule on how He wanted us to worship Him and Him alone as written in (Exodus 20:4).
In all we do as God's creation, we should always put God first, as this is one of the things He expects of us.

Memory Verse: Matthew 6:33
"But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you"

Anchor Text: Genesis 1:1-3

In each new beginning, the Lord gives us several new opportunities to right our wrongs, straighten our crooked past, develop our neglected or untapped potentials, glorify His worthy name and be all He wants us to be.
According to what the bible says: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" (Genesis 1:1). In a man's life are many beginnings. The entrance of a new year is a new start. The rebirth in Christ is another.

God's plans for us (His Creation) is of good and He is asking that we put Him (God) first. He that has ears let him hear what the spirit is saying to one and all. The lord is saying that we should live a defeated life anymore; a poverty-stricken life. It is not His plans that we live a spiritual lukewarm life and a life of unattainable goals.
As read in the Memory verse (Matthew 6:33) above, the key to that perfect life is doing what was asked of us in that passage of the scripture (Bible). The key is simply acknowledging that God is the source of your existence. Make Him (God) your number one. Strive to know God, please Him and follow His step-by-step directions in everything you do. Devote hours, days and weeks to wait on Him, seek his face FIRST, worship and study more about Him. Your plans for life will quickly fall into place: Spiritually, Materially and Financially. Blessing will begin to pursue you.
Instead of seeking unimportant things that you think are important, seek God, for He is the giver of all good things.

Another story that comes to mind is the story of the sacrificial giving exhibited by Abel.
According to the Scripture (Hebrew 11:4), Abel put God first and offered a worthy offering to God by faith and in return, God crowned him with "righteousness" and even after he was dead, he (Abel) still speaks.
Abel satisfied God's requirements and God declared him righteous. Obedience is all it takes to obey these words of the scripture.

Enoch was a man in the bible that put God first. Enoch lived a holy life and in return, God translated Him from earth to Heaven without him having to see death (Hebrew 11:5).
To know more about Enoch, read the scripture from (Genesis 4-5)
If we can put God first in all we do, God's blessing will surely be ours. God is not a man that tells lies.

In today's world, how many followers of Christ can humbly put God first in a situation like the one Abraham found himself? Today, we easily ask that Abraham's blessing be ours without really knowing what he really went through to still keep these blessings. (Genesis 24:1)
Abraham put God first when God tested him by asking for his son (Isaac) as a sacrificial lamb. Abraham believed in God contrary to his physical senses and limitations.

In conclusion, putting God first in all we do should be a way of living. Abel, Enoch and Abraham all showed different shades of virtues and were all crowned with righteousness.
Nobody says you cannot be better than them, they excelled by putting God first, Take a cue from them and begin to put God first and reap the huge reward!

Prayer Points:
1. Lord, help me put you first in all that I do.
2. Lord, teach me to display virtues like Abel, Enoch and Abraham.
3. Lord, heal the world of the ravaging pandemic (COVID-19).

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