Life Over Death

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Life and Death
The word "Life" might sound as just a word, but holds quite a lot of meaning. For the purpose of this study, Life can be in different aspects; Spiritual life, Marital life, Social life and finally, Physical life.
These aspects hold a lot and can define a man's existence. 
The word "Death" comes simple as just loss of life but it is way deeper than the physical meaning.
Death can come in different ways, just like that of Life; Death Spiritually, Death Maritally, Death Socially and the physical Death.

These ways can as well define a man's existence and how he survives.

With all that said and known, we can now dive into the topic proper.

Memory Verse: Isaiah 3:10

Anchor Text: I Kings 19:5-6

Elijah ran from Jezebel and finally got to a juniper tree, tired and still confused. He asked God to take his life, that he may know death and then he fell asleep. After he slept and woke up, an angel gave him food he prepared for him. This shows that God never abandons His own. Elijah asked for death but God offered him food and water instead.
If you can worship and serve God with all your heart, in spirit and in truth according to John 4:23-24 you can never be stranded.

David, after serving God from his youth testified according to Psalm 34:19.
"I have been young and now am old, yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread".
David's testimony goes beyond himself. He looked at his life, and the lives of all others who diligently served God. Then he looked at their generations and all he could see was God's faithfulness. If you can be devoted to God, and serve Him with all your heart, not only will you harvest God's faithfulness in your life time, your children, children's children, and up to several generations in your lineage will harvest God's faithfulness. Some people may think you are wasting your time serving God now. They may fail to understand why you have denied yourself  sinful opportunities to amass wealth. Ride on brother! Ride on sister! you are not wasting your time. You're sowing in righteousness. You're laying the foundation for coming generations in your lineage to be blessed. You are working for the most generous employer. Time will vindicate your actions.

God will never allow you to starve. Death is never the plan of God for His people. God sent an angel to cook and bring food for Elijah. Angels are our servants. If you have been worshiping them, you have indirectly degraded yourself. For it is wrong and way out of normalcy for the head of a position to be answerable to his workers and servants. Desist from doing that today! If you worship God, angels will minister to you as the children of their Master (Hebrews 1:13-14). God first led Elijah through ravens. Then He used a widow. Now, He used an angel. This shows that God has unlimited ways of meeting the needs of those who serve Him faithfully. The bread Elijah ate was oven fresh from Heaven. Any miracle God to those who are very devoted to Him is oven fresh. But if you are fond of giving God the remnant of the blessing He gives to you, by the time you need a miracle, you could get a stale, but commensurate "left over" blessing.

In conclusion, Life comes at a price. Give God your full devotion and blessing will never delude you as this is the promise of God.
David and Elijah cases are not the only two scenarios in the bible but for the purpose of this sermon, we took just those two.
Choose life today!!!

Prayer Point:
Thank God for His faithfulness to you and ask Him to extend it to your entire generation.  
Say a prayer for the world, Ask that God should heal the world. 
God should purge the world of the ravaging pandemic (COVID-19)

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