Harnessing Your Authority

Harnessing Your Authority by Alisa Videos.

Authority can simply be synonymous with Power, Control and Charge; that can be "taking charge over something or someone or group of people" or "having control over a group, something or someone", it can also be "having power over a group of people, someone or something".
Harnessing can simply be put as the ability to Make Use, Exploit, Utilize. The word: Harnessing cannot be over-stressed and so we can talk deeper on the main topic.
Now, with all that said and known, we can now talk on the topic proper.
From all the definitions stated above, we can clearly read that "Harnessing Your Authority" in right terms simply means: Utilizing, Exploiting or Making Use of YOUR Power, Control or Charge.

Memory Verse: Luke 10:19
"Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing shall by any means hurt you".

Anchor Text: Psalm 91:13-14

The Authority we are talking about here is not the authority of the head in an office or the authority of an authoritative person. This particular authority we are talking about is that authority that has been bestowed on all of God's children.
According to our Memory Verse (Luke 10:19), it tells of the amount of power and authority that we have over things we think are huge obstacles in our lives. God's power and authority is something we all have inside of us but we might not know that and few that knows cannot harness such authority as they think they have to be bosses in their offices to exploit such power.
A question that can come to mind is "WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO HARNESS SUCH AUTHORITY?"
The answer is simply: "CHILDREN OF GOD", those that know God and those that are willing to know Him more.

We have been spiritually empowered to take charge and dominate. According to the bible (Ephesians 1:6), God has taken us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. If we can seat with Jesus in heavenly places and Jesus is seated far above principalities and powers, then the Kingdoms of the satanic ones are underneath us. This is why God talks about placing our enemies underneath us. Take a leaf from the memory verse (Luke 10:19), we have been empowered to trample our enemies under our feet.
For instance, to trample a field, you have to walk on the grass all day and in the process, a pathway is created. Not so long after, the grass dies and the way becomes a road-path. If you continue to walk on it, no grass will ever grow there again.

One reason we (Christians) have repeated problems is that when we trample on the problems, and they are about to vanish, we stop trampling. If we can sustain trampling on the problem through prayer, rebuking them and enforcing God's word on them, we will have complete victory.
Another question that can come to mind is "WHAT SHOULD WE TAKE AUTHORITY OVER?"
Simple! They include: The Lion, Dragon, and The Adder (Snake) as these are the names that can be likened to evil and the devil.
Through the power of the Holy Spirit they can be tamed. Satan and his agents are under our feet.
As the Scripture says in Genesis 1:26, we are lords over all creatures and as such we should all know how to harness these authorities.

The answer is simply because of the fact that most Christians have neglected or violated the dress pattern. In the Bible (Ephesians 6:12-18), we are told to put on the full armour of God so that we can be able to enforce victory over the enemy. We are expected to stand on the devil and evil agents. Therefore, if any part of the armour is highly needed it is the boots. We cannot go trampling on serpents and scorpions on our bare feet, we will suffer casualties as written in the Bible (Luke 10:19). The boots refer to evangelism. For us to be able to harness this authority in full, we have to be regular soul winners. We have to win several souls for the Lord. If we begin to win souls and issue commands to the devil and cohorts they will definitely obey. Simply because you have obeyed Jesus Christ (their creator) as all powers belong to God.

Try winning souls today to be able to harness this authority that has already been bestowed upon you, do not forego evangelism or risk facing the devil and ending up like the seven sons of Sceva.
Evil powers respect higher authority!

Prayer Points:
1. Ask God for the Grace and Strength to be able to harness our given authority.
2. Ask the Lord to help you stay fully armoured and kitted.
3. Ask God to heal the world of the ravaging pandemic (COVID-19).

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God bless you!

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